Cut down on information section with our up-and-comer database


With Altamira Recruiting, every one of myhr the educational programs you as of now have, together with each one of those you get because of opportunities or as spontaneous applications, are put away in a solitary database with a documenting framework customized for you.


The CV database is consequently populated with the data entered by competitors in the fields of the application structure, disposing of time spent on information section.


In addition, the request and unmistakable quality of the data can be designed as you wish, empowering you to proceed with your ongoing work strategies.


Choose key data initially


The educational program database gives you a rundown of up-and-comers, plainly demonstrating which ones answered to a particular employment proposition and which have been remembered for a given screening process.


The primary things of data are obvious initially and, at a solitary snap, profiles can be positioned based on whichever parameter you pick. A sidebar shows you the latest activities and demonstrates whereabouts you are by and by situated in the procuring procedure.


Competitors can be chosen exclusively or in gatherings: this enables you to make an impression on a few people simultaneously or even to all up-and-comers in the database in about a couple of moments.


A reasonable outline of each competitor


Every up-and-comer has an individual document in the CV database, containing all the data entered by him/her. The connected CV is in a split second accessible as a back office see, so you lose no time in downloading.


You likewise have the alternative to remember for each segment data not gave by the up-and-comer while presenting the CV. These could be subtleties given during the meeting stage, for example, past profit, or other data you think about imperative to keep on document.


Additionally, the sheet tracks past action identifying with every up-and-comer, from meetings to messages traded through the CV the board programming.

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